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About time to start blogging again

I keep thinking of things I should blog about but never seem to get there.  I think it is because I am using my iPad more and I don’t find it convienient to blog from it – somthing about the onscreen keyboard and the format the app I downloaded uses.

Anyway, what things do I think about blogging?  I love playing around with various applications and finding out how to do things which don’t seem to be straight forward.

The latest thing I wanted to do was with MOODLE.  I have students handing in an assignment and once it is handed in I want to give them access to the resources for the next assignment.  As usual I have students who have asked for an extension which causes an issue about how I give access to the new resources only for students who have submitted the assignment.  MOODLE allows for your resources to be restricted based on grade conditions and also on some other fields but it doesn’t seem to allow for assignment submission to be used.  I have finally solved this problem.  I have created a group for students who have submitted assignment 2 and a grouping called A3 resources.  I have restricted access to each of the assignment 3 resources to those in the A3 grouping (why I can’t just added the group I don’t know but this way seems to work).  Once students have submitted their assignment I add them to the A2 Submitted group which then gives them access to the A3 resources.  I have emailed students to say they have access but I haven’t heard that there have been any problems.  I just thought about the logs, so I went and had a look at the log for one of the resources to see if anyone has accessed it and they have.  It seems to be working.  Last year I got around this problem by emailing the resources as an attachment but that takes time.  In future this method should work well because the group and grouping should carry through to the new course shell.


New Academic Year, New Laptop Image, New O/S and lots of New Learning

The title says it all really.  2013 sees NMIT IT students using Windows 8 as their operating system this year.

On Thursday my new laptop was dropped off to me (thanks Pip) and I had a little play then.  On logging in there was a whole new screen shown to me – the Windows 8 Start screen.  I enjoyed pushing a few of the buttons (tiles) to see what they would do.  I found the desktop (that nice familiar looking screen where I used to be able to access everything.  Not now.  What do I do next?

What did I do next?  Well, as you may have gathered, I hadn’t got far. I tried to get back to the Start screen – not as easy as it seems as there was nothing to easily click.  But as a ‘savvy user’ I used the windows button on the keyboard and there I was back to the start screen again. Continue reading

Week 24 catchup: Summarise, Assess and Contribute

So I have found my way to the end of the course.  Below are the links to my blog postings for this course.

I have loved this course from the moment I was sent the link to it.  The syllabus promised an interesting mix between theory and practical.  I love trying out new things but I need to be guided in this area – I need someone to suggest something to me and to give me a bit of introduction as to how or why I should do it.  Then I feel that I am in a position to play with it and learn how I can use and apply it.

Would I recommend this course to others?  Most definitely.  Anyone using or wanting to add web technology to their course delivery will find this course an exciting introduction to ‘what is out there’.  I want to come back and keep playing and learning and adding to my courses – even though I teach face-to-face.  It doesn’t matter how the course is taught, the tools and ideas apply to it all.

I have prepared a final video on how I have applied my new-found knowledge to one of my courses. Continue reading

Week 23 Catchup: Presentation

My presentation for week 23

I have put together a powerpoint and uploaded it to Slideshare but unfortunately some of the links don’t appear to be working when the presentation is played online even though they all work when the powerpoint is downloaded!!

Week 22 catchup: Personal Learning Networks

I have just watched Dean Shareski, Sharing: The Moral Imperative and his last statement of ‘what will you share today’ is what this post is going to be about.  The last couple of weeks have seen me updating my Access 2010 tutorial (from the 2007 version) and changing some of the other parts to show them better.  Over the last few years I have put together a few tutorials related to people I have been working with as part of my teaching and tutorial jobs.  One day I finally got myself sorted and created a google site for these tutorials.  Continue reading

Week 21 catchup: Online Education Theory

Here I go thinking that I can quickly finish this task as I’m on catch up mode big time.  I should have known better!!  Having watched the video and read the articles, I am left thinking about Issac Asimov’s Foundation series.  A lot of what was said makes me think that we have to be very careful where we go with learning.  Continue reading

Week 20 Catchup: Does the Digitial Classroom Enfeeble the Mind

This heading caught my attention. It is something I have wondered about for a while.

A friend posted an interesting statement on Facebook in relation to her son not knowing who IBM is.  How can someone not know who IBM is became the issue. Was it because he spent too much time on the computer? The conversation continued during our Saturday morning coffee get together.  The last comment in that post was probably the most important – “It’s the Google’s and Facebook’s that are relevant today”.  We knew about IBM in the ‘old days’ because we could see evidence of them about us.  These days, IBM doesn’t seem to have the same presence.  The early PCs which were on the market were usually advertised as IBM clones, but not any more.  Times change.  Is this good or is this bad?  Continue reading