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All about me!!

Hi everyone

My name is Sandra and I live in Nelson New Zealand.  I am a part-time tutor at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology where I teach IT papers for the IT degree and the Business degree.  I love learning and am always keen to try new things.  I was told about this course by another course participant (Clare) who I also work with.  She was my supervisor for my third year paper when I completed the IT Degree.

I have a variety of experiences.  My initial training was as an Accountant and working as an auditor for a number of years.  I then retrained as a secondary teacher where I taught mainly maths but with an emphasis on life skills.  I then had an opportunity to study IT and here I am now teaching on the IT and Business degree programmes.  My teaching areas are systems development and business computing.   I am also known for my interest in Maths and particularly practical maths.

I dabble at using new technology when I can.  Currently I have introduced one of my classes to Google Docs as a means of collaborating on activities, and another class to Google Sites as a means of sharing group work components with their fellow group members and myself along with managing a project.  I am also part way through a project on using e-portfolios for organisational learning.

I have been involved with Second Life (Bowler Bingyi) for a few years (even though I haven’t been signed on for quite a while now) but I don’t have much experience using blogs and I have never used Diigo so this is where my adventure begins!


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  1. Hey fellow traveller!! Good to know you are coming along with me 🙂

  2. 🙂

  3. Nice to meet you, Sandra! It is exciting that so many students in the course are not from around here. I only live down the freeway from Mira Costa College, and also heard about this program via a colleague of mine who happens to work there.

    It sounds like you have a great technology background coming into this and are far more savvy than myself. Good luck to you and it will be fun getting to know everyone 🙂

    Best, Erica

  4. Hi Sandra,
    It was so nice to read your introduction. I too have a second life account (melody mikado) but I have not been in the site for some time. I wondered if you used second life for teaching and how you like it? I’m looking forward to this year-long pedagogy first experience and learning many new tools to use in class and online.
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Jean
      I haven’t used second life for teacing but Clare Atkins has (see her blog for links to her other blogs). I’m also looking forward to this year

  5. Welcome! You and Clare are going to have to help guide the class or at least me into using Second Life. [Reminder: check and see if I can even run the program . . . .]

  6. […] 1: Introduction, setting up my blog, setting up Diigo, visiting others […]

  7. […] 1: Introduction, setting up my blog, setting up Diigo, visiting others […]

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