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After a period of visiting other participants…

Having looked at other’s blogs and read the posts and comments, I have decided on these things:

  1. to change the theme of my blog so it has 2 sidebars as one sidebar was becoming unusable (stuff dropping down too low and my having to scroll to see it)
  2. to make sure I visit the Pedagogy First website everyday to see what new posts have been made
  3. to remove the links to the blogs of other participants and just link back to the Pedagogy First website as the list was getting too long and why repeat what is already there (the advantage of being able to add links)

I see that the 4-5 hours a week is not going to be enough to keep up with what everyone is doing – good thing I can devote more time than that!

I’ve even managed to read the first 2 chapters of the textbook.  Very easy to read.  It was also very interesting to reflect on the second chapter about the level of preparedness of institutions.  I have been using Moodle for the last 5 years both as a student and a tutor.  I like the way resources can be accessible at all times (and I have found it handy to find ‘lost’ resources of my own!) but it does have some short comings. I want to be able to use it more efficiently and for more than just uploading my notes.  I have used the forums as discussion points for assignments but that is about as interactive as I’ve been so far.

It is all adding up to a very interesting course.


4 Responses

  1. Sandra –
    Your blog updates look nice.
    I was starting to wonder about that 4-5 hour a week estimate. I’ll have to learn to read faster.
    I was trying to book mark all the individual blogs on Diigo, but like you, decided it was getting too long and taking up too much of my 4-5 hours for the week.

  2. Now that week 2 is finished – I see that my problem about keeping up with the blogs is solved now that I know about Googlr Reader and RSS!!

  3. […] Week 1: Introduction, setting up my blog, setting up Diigo, visiting others blogs […]

  4. […] Week 1: Introduction, setting up my blog, setting up Diigo, visiting others blogs […]

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