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Week 2: My Reflections on RSS

My first question to myself – what is this all about?  So off to Wikipedia I went to get an understanding.

I now have my own newsreader using Google Reader (I have am using so many other Google functions that this seemed the logical place to go).  It surprised me that there was already an account set up (does this happen automatically when clicking on Reader if you are already logged in?).  First thing I had to do was figure out how to delete the feeds already in there.  The Help function was helpful in this respect.  As an aside, I find Google’s help generally very helpful.

Now I have an empty newsreader.  What to add?

One thing I do nearly everyday is going into my local newspaper online.  I know that around 1pm the new news is uploaded.  Now I have added that to my reader.  This should mean no guessing when the local news is updated.

Of course, I then added the Pedagogy First feed.  That seemed to  work well – I compared it back to the original site and all was good.

What next?  I’m not really into following anything much.  I’ve been reading a post about the use of Facebook Groups and Google+ compared to using VLEs for having conversations with students and when to use what.  While adding a comment to this blog, it got me thinking about a common complaint from my students about not knowing when I have uploaded new things to the course online site or about not knowing what official notices have been released.  My thought is ‘can I add RSS to my online course Forums so that students know when I post new things?’  Off I went to do some research and I found that I could – but the instructions weren’t so easy to follow.  So I did what I could, then thought about testing it (always good to test new things out).  Fortunately my class has an assignment due today so I thought I would remind them about it via the forum so I could see if worked – and it did 🙂 One question left – can the RSS read this without being logged in to the VLE?

Maybe setting up RSS feed and newsreader could be added to the next IT Challenge week for our students.

PS I just learned how to add a hyperlink to the text without redisplaying the actually URL (the same way as I do in a power point)


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