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Jing created for a Moodle course

I have successfully created my first Jing.  I decided to show one of my current courses which I use Moodle for.  The course I choose to discuss is my SYD200 course on Systems Development.  The set out of this course is my preferred method of set out as explained in my presentation.  I also use other set out methods for different courses but that is because I share the course with another tutor so I don’t feel I have the same ability to modify it.  This is something I will have to either work on or work around.  I have tried to embed the video using Vodpod but the screen size was too small and I couldn’t seem to enlarge it.  I then uploaded it to YouTube but only the audio was uploaded.  As I haven’t found any other way to embed the video so I have added the link to screencast.

Moodle Jing presentation


4 Responses

  1. I’d like to help you with the embedding problem. I didn’t realize that Edublogs and WP can be picky about this. I came across this http://portablepd.edublogs.org/2009/02/06/how-to-embed-a-jing-screencast-into-your-edublogs-blog/, which suggests you should download and upload your Jing into a post. Would you mind trying it to see if it works? I’m going to work on it tonight also…

  2. Thanks for the info above. I see that you have updated the course syallbus to say Jing can’t be embedded. I found a way to convert my Jing to You Tube and then to embed that into my blog – see my new post: I figured out how to embed Jing into WordPress.

  3. […] 6: Creating Presentations and getting Jing to work in […]

  4. […] 6: Creating Presentations and getting Jing to work in […]

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