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I figured out how to embed Jing into WordPress


It is possible to embed Jing into WordPress but it certainly isn’t the most straightforward thing to do.

As I was trying to embed Jing in directly, I noticed that it did seem to allow the embedding of You Tube and a few other types.  Using this hint at an idea and some general web searching of the problem, I decided to upload my Jing to You Tube.  Simple you might think.  but no it wasn’t – it seems that You Tube doesn’t like .swf files.  In fact, most of my playing up to now (playing is my word for experimenting but means that I have no idea what I’m trying to do really) had been trying to upload the original Jing file.  I had tried to upload to Vimeo but no go – after it had ‘uploaded’ there was nothing to play.  Again I had uploaded my .swf file.

On realising that You Tube didn’t support .swf files, I finally decided to look and see what type of files it did support. This included .avi and .flv amongst others (file types supported).

Next step: How to convert my Jing to .avi file.

Solution: search for a file converter via Google. I downloaded iWisoft converter to try to solve my problem.  I created a .avi file which ended up as nearly 80Mb whereas my original Jing file was only 14Mb. I then converted it to .flv file which was just under 10Mb so I uploaded this one.

Final step: embedding it into my blog.  I used the format shown on the inserting video dialogue and the help screen provided to actually embed the video.

Success – I now have my You Tube video of my Jing presentation embedded.  The quality isn’t quite as crisp as my original Jing presentation (and I’m sure this can be rectified if I played for a bit longer and tried to convert to some of the other file formats but I have achieved what I set out to do.

An aside on my learning processes:

Initially when making my Jing presentation I saved it rather than shared it so I had a copy on my computer.  I was annoyed at myself for making this mistake but as it turned out, this was a blessing as I didn’t have to download it!  No such things as mistakes really.


6 Responses

  1. Congratulations Sandra, you got there in the end. It looks good, I like the way you categorise the info but still reference back to the relevant week that the info is relevant to. It has given me some ideas about delivering some upcoming material, thanks.
    I agree with you …never just a mistake, if you turn it into a learning opportunity! Kim Mc

    • Hi Kim
      Thanks for your comments.
      The best thing I think I did was ask the students how they wanted it set out – after all, they are the users. Even that opportunity came about by accident – they weren’t able to get into the exercise I had planned so I just took charge with my Moodle site as an example. I made it clear up front that I didn’t like the set out myself (and I had already heard others frustrations with it as well) so off we went. Yet again, something I did by ‘accident’ turned into a useful learning experience for everyone!!

  2. So Sandra, you managed to do what I haven’t been able to do yet. I made that sweet video in Jing, and felt so proud of myself, but it didn’t translate into my blog. I like your attitude of playing, experimenting. I tend to get paralyzed, somehow afraid I’m going to “mess things up.”

    • Thanks for your comments Carol. I have been building on the idea of ‘play’ as a method of learning for a few years now. One of the first things I learned about computers is that it is hard to totally stuff it up! Provided the user takes a few sensible precautions:

      • Don’t delete something if it says ‘are you sure you want to delete’ without actually thinking about what you are doing. If in doubt, save it rather than deleting it (use save as so it can be renamed). It is easier to delete later than to try and ‘undelete’ something. On an aside – I never have my deleted items deleting automatically on shut down, I ocassionally go through and delete when I choose to.
        Before trying something new, save the document as something else so there is always a back up of the original – sometimes I even call them play1, play2 etc
        Everytime you like something, save it. If you totally muck something up, just close the document without saving and you can reopen the last ‘good’ copy.
        See how the undo option works – is there one, how far back can you go etc. Try it out with a basic document before doing something more indepth
        Finally, remember, Play is about having fun; Experimenting sounds like serious work!!!
    • Have some fun and go and Play with something!!

  • […] Week 6: Creating Presentations and getting Jing to work in WordPress […]

  • […] Week 6: Creating Presentations and getting Jing to work in WordPress […]

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