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A Prezi Presentation

I decided to have another go at putting together a Prezi Presentation.  It has taken most of the day but I am proud of what I have produced.

I think it is always easier to produce something if there is a purpose for it.  One of my courses has a test coming up in the second week of the new term.  I decided to put together a revision Prezi for the topic.  I figured that it was a good purpose for Prezi as students would have different needs.  I decided to use a mind map set out with students being given the ability to zoom into the areas they want to.  Because of this, there is no path for automatic play which is something I will need to work on in future.

Here is the link for the Prezi.

I would love to receive feedback on how I put it together.  I’m not much of a mindmap person.


5 Responses

  1. Hi Sandra,

    I could see your Prezi from the link, but it would not fly around. It was static. Maybe I’m doing something wrong??

    Jean Proppe

    • Hi Jean
      I choose to make it static for 2 reasons. First I am using this as a revision document so students can choose what to focus on. Second, I have’t got to grips with putting a path in – last time I tried this, I got dizzy and half the stuff was upside down! Putting in a path is the next thing I want to work on.

  2. I have my students using the Prezi presentation I created as part of the revision activity they are doing. Some of them like it because of the visual aspects but others are going back to the power points I prepared initially. An interesting aspect is that most are finding it difficult to use without a mouse (they are using the touch pad on their laptop).

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  4. […] Week 4: Materials for Online and Prezi presentation […]

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