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Week 13 – Images

An aside before I get started – they’ve changed the layout so when I posted my last comment, I got a new sidebar popping up and the new post option provided something quite different!  Found myself again now!

I logged into Flickr with my google account – so nice not to have to create another account.

I went for a look on my computer for a photo and found one (yes, just the one as I’m using my work laptop and I’m not big on photos anyway!)  Uploaded the photo – that was easy.  Now how do I add the note?

Added a title, description and tags but couldn’t figure out how to add a note.  Went to help – that was not very helpful.  Found the FAQ and searched for ‘add note’ and found some general discussions but still not sure how or where to do it.

Have just noticed the ‘actions’ dropped down arrow and on checking here I see the option to add a note.  Not really sure what note to add so I’ve just put that.  I thought it would have been easier to do than that.

Next, let’s move on to Mbedr – not that it will work in this version of WordPress but I feel I’ll give it a go anyway.  Hmmmmm how does this work.  The instructions seem plain enough to follow and I’ve found the photo ID number, but where do I put the information.  I’m looking at the screen for the text boxes shown until I realise that what I’m looking at is where I input the data required.  What a bad time I’m having.  Must be this getting back into things again.  I must remember that for next week when my classes start – I’m sure some of my students will also be in that ‘what was I thinking’ mode when they can’t see anything.

As I can’t use the Mbedr code on this blog, I’ve included a screenshot of the Mbedr result below:

Looking around the Mbedr page, I noticed a link to information about WordPress blogs.  On following this, I see that it is possible to link the Flickr account to a WordPress blog.  The instructions don’t quite match the screens available to me but I was able to work out what to do easy enough – first checking the ‘Action’ options (no go) and then the ‘Share’ options (that makes sense). I was hoping to add the photo to this blog but it created a new blog post (which makes sense not that I think about it).

This is the way to my original Flickr photo.


4 Responses

  1. Sandra,
    Thank you for noting that there is a way for Flickr and WordPress to be connected. I have already posted jsut my link rather than embedding, but will go take a looksie. I’m glad you discovered that 🙂

  2. Hi, Sandra: I remember that when I went through the Program for Online Teaching, I thought I had added a note to my Flickr image, but I hadn’t! I agree that it didn’t seem super obvious as to how to make a note. Once I figured it out, though, it was fun. I could see the value of it in teaching. Thank you for the post!

  3. Hello Sandra: I found helpful reading your step by step description of how you found the way to annotate an image in Flickr. It saved me a detour through the Flickr help section 🙂

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