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Week 14 catchup: Audio and Video


I created a short PowerPoint for part of a unit we had just covered.  The PowerPoint uses mainly 1 slide and I found it easy to add talk around the slide however I kept using the mouse pointer to illustrate what I was talking about.  Of course, the slidecast doesn’t show this so maybe a different form of screen capture would be useful.

To add the audio, I downloaded Audacity.  I then had to figure out how to turn the Audacity file into an mp3 format.  The Audacity website provided a link to the lame mp3 converter but I was unable to download the required file.  Fortunately I found some information on how to convert the file using iTunes and as I now have an iPad, I also have iTunes on my computer.  To create the slidecast, I followed the instructions on the slideshare website.  I am glad my PowerPoint was small as it didn’t take long to upload it.  Adding the audio was straight forward.  Here is my Slidecast:


Here is my Eyejot video.  It was easy enough to create but I wasn’t so sure about the embedding side so I watched the help video and embedded the code as shown but it doesn’t work – same issue with embedding Jing.  I have placed a link to my Eyejot video instead.

Having played with embedding Jing video by uploading a converted file via YouTube, I decided to see what would happen with uploading the Eyejot video.  First I saved the Eyejot video message to my desktop – this allowed me to discover the video message is in .mp4 format.  I uploaded this to YouTube and it had no problems uploading or playing so here is my YouTube of my Eyejot video message:


2 Responses

  1. Hi Sandra
    Thanks for your eyejot. It’s good to hear a kiwi accent. I know the feeling of picking up classes, etc. I’ve had to accept international students a third of the way through courses. I use eyejots for individual students quite often – it cuts down a lot of requests because they’re self-conscious about hteir appearance!

    All the best.

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