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Week 15 catchup: Screencasting and Multimedia


I’m not big on mindmaps as I prefer lists however I have used mindmaps occasionally.  I have a mindmap for how the Systems Development course I teach fits in with other courses offered and also the components of the course.  The main reason I have the second mindmap is there was one for the course when  I first taught the course so I just updated it for my changes.  I find the mindmap of how the courses fit together useful as it gives my course a place with their other courses.  I have used mindmaps when I used to teach secondary maths and used them at the beginning of units to find out what students already knew about the topic and then adding in what we were going to be learning next.  Students seem to enjoy this approach.

For this week’s activity I have produced a mindmap for the next unit for my INF550 Business Computing course.  I couldn’t remember how I originally uploaded my Jing presentation to my Word Press blog but I did remember that there had been problems.  So back I went through my posts to find out how I did it.  I think it was a good thing I originally detailed how I solved the problem back then as I could find and reuse the information again.  Another good use of a blog for learning.  I think that I might need to create a new tag or category to find these sorts of things though as I had to go back through my blog postings to find it.

Here is my Jing presentation of my mindmap linked via YouTube


I had heard about SurveyMonkey before and I have even completed a few surveys students have put together using it.  To be able to create a survey, you first need a purpose.  What could I produce a survey on?  At the beginning of the INF550 Business Computing course, we get students to complete a questionnaire on what they think there computer skills are like.  This questionnaire is done using a Word document.  While this exercise also showed students how to download and upload documents using Moodle, it wasn’t easy to accumulate the results.  Maybe a SurveyMonkey survey would be better.  Being at just over half way through the course, it seems like a good idea to gain back some information on how they think they are going on the course objectives.  As we are currently on break, I have set up a survey for the second week back when we have finished the Excel unit.  I’m not sure how the results will come back but I intend on a follow-up post when I find it out.


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