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Week 22 catchup: Personal Learning Networks

I have just watched Dean Shareski, Sharing: The Moral Imperative and his last statement of ‘what will you share today’ is what this post is going to be about.  The last couple of weeks have seen me updating my Access 2010 tutorial (from the 2007 version) and changing some of the other parts to show them better.  Over the last few years I have put together a few tutorials related to people I have been working with as part of my teaching and tutorial jobs.  One day I finally got myself sorted and created a google site for these tutorials.  They take time to prepare and why shouldn’t I share them?  After all I have written them to meet my needs because I couldn’t find ones which suited my needs elsewhere.  If you want to know about my tutorials, please visit my website.  I know it’s not the most interesting to use but it meets my needs.  I share the link with others and I have had students ask for the resources because they know I produced them.  I have the tutorials on the course Moodle page but this is closed off to students after they have finished the course which actually locks information they may want in the future away from them.  One day I’m going to add creative commons licenses to my resources but that is for another day.

What else have I shared?  After Norm shared the MCCPOT Symbaloo I looked at this as a way of sharing things.  I put one together for myself and one for the different teaching tools from this  course.  At the start of this year, the student orientation week involved the students completing a number of tasks including creating videos and blogs.  What did I do?  Put them into a symbaloo of their work.  More recently I used it to meet a need I had at work.  I was unable to access the NMIT webpages using the work laptop and network.  I discovered I wasn’t the only person with this problem and the problem wasn’t being fixed because it had low priority as we all had workarounds and my work-around was to construct a symbaloo of the pages I didn’t have easy access to and I shared it with other tutors as well.  I use it all the time now (even since the problem has been fixed).  I have decided that I really like Symbaloo.  It is definitely a way for me to share different links in an easy way.  It is far better than adding favourites to my web browser or copying links into a document which are workable but not portable.  Symbaloo has made it easier for me to share things – even if it is with myself where I need access from a different place.  In fact, I see the Symbaloo as an ideal tool for accessing my personal teaching network as I can place links on it to media sites, resource sites, blogs and wikis, social networking services, digital communities, social bookmarking sites and photo sharing sites. 

All I have to do is place the link on my teaching tools Symbaloo which is easy to do!


2 Responses

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  2. THanks for sharing. 😉

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