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New Academic Year, New Laptop Image, New O/S and lots of New Learning

The title says it all really.  2013 sees NMIT IT students using Windows 8 as their operating system this year.

On Thursday my new laptop was dropped off to me (thanks Pip) and I had a little play then.  On logging in there was a whole new screen shown to me – the Windows 8 Start screen.  I enjoyed pushing a few of the buttons (tiles) to see what they would do.  I found the desktop (that nice familiar looking screen where I used to be able to access everything.  Not now.  What do I do next?

What did I do next?  Well, as you may have gathered, I hadn’t got far. I tried to get back to the Start screen – not as easy as it seems as there was nothing to easily click.  But as a ‘savvy user’ I used the windows button on the keyboard and there I was back to the start screen again. Continue reading


All about me!!

Hi everyone

My name is Sandra and I live in Nelson New Zealand.  I am a part-time tutor at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology where I teach IT papers for the IT degree and the Business degree.  I love learning and am always keen to try new things.  I was told about this course by another course participant (Clare) who I also work with.  She was my supervisor for my third year paper when I completed the IT Degree.

I have a variety of experiences.  My initial training was as an Accountant and working as an auditor for a number of years.  I then retrained as a secondary teacher where I taught mainly maths but with an emphasis on life skills.  I then had an opportunity to study IT and here I am now teaching on the IT and Business degree programmes.  My teaching areas are systems development and business computing.   I am also known for my interest in Maths and particularly practical maths.

I dabble at using new technology when I can.  Currently I have introduced one of my classes to Google Docs as a means of collaborating on activities, and another class to Google Sites as a means of sharing group work components with their fellow group members and myself along with managing a project.  I am also part way through a project on using e-portfolios for organisational learning.

I have been involved with Second Life (Bowler Bingyi) for a few years (even though I haven’t been signed on for quite a while now) but I don’t have much experience using blogs and I have never used Diigo so this is where my adventure begins!